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Articles that appear on are written from the perspective of an experienced grocery store employee. However, the resulting content on this blog is the work of a single individual. Outside opinions and knowledge definitely exist, and if you desire, you may pitch an article to join the roster of posts on


Articles chosen to appear will not receive monetary compensation. However, the author of a guest post will receive full credit for their work on the page where their work will be published. They will also see prominent links to any social media accounts, blog accounts, or personal websites they provide. The post may also be internally linked with other posts on this site. If an author desires to have their work pulled from, the article will be pulled upon request.


Articles can be of varying length and will be checked against Search Engine Optimization guidelines from the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin. Your submission may become edited accordingly if needed to make for better SEO results. Your submission may also link to another post within the site. Feel free to link to an exterior site within your submission as well. If you only need to change a few words, I will ask you to complete the edit in order to keep your work yours. It is also advisable to include a featured image in your submission that relates directly to the submitted post.

If you are not a professional writer, don’t fret. Write, re-read a few times, and submit. I’m a web developer and a grocer. Don’t let your title stop you!


There is no end of subject material if you choose to pitch an article. Everything from customer behaviour to food safety to industry trends and unique store reviews is fair game for article ideas. If you choose to write an article on seasonal topics, try to submit them in advance of the holiday. This is to give the article the necessary time to make its way through search engines and social media.


Articles sent through this form will only be used with permission, and should you wish, feel free to send just an excerpt for review, or a link to an article you have already written.