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Have You been shopping WRONG by reading the WRONG articles?
Photo of $20 Bills. Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The REAL Money-Saving Grocery Tips

I’ve come across all sorts of articles over the years from lazy bloggers on how to save money at the supermarket, and all their money-saving grocery tips give common-sense pointers for people who don’t like to use their brains. Among my favourites are “shop the flyer sales”, and “look on the tops and bottoms of […]

Photo of Empty Store Shelves. Photo by Roy Broo from Pexels

Pandemic Panic Buy – The Grocery Items People Avoided

When people first realized that the COVID-19 Pandemic could become a real threat to their safety, they did what anyone who isn’t a disaster prepper would do. They got into their cars and headed to the grocery store to collectively clean the shelves bare – supermarket sweep style – and they sure wasted no time. […]

Facepalm. Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels

Bad Blogger Advice on Grocery Shopping

While reading the supposed advice of many other bloggers about how to shop for food, I’ve found plenty of things that are widely circulated, but also wildly inaccurate. I’m gonna share with you now some of my personal favourite examples of grocery shopping advice from people who have no idea what they are talking about. […]

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Being a Better Customer

Things are innocent enough – you go into the store, not a care in the world, and leave with your purchases, possibly along with a trail of destruction. All the while, the employees – who have taken note on who you are – have to clean up the mess you leave. Here are some tips […]

Photo of a Snowstorm. Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Preparing for Incoming Storms

Most of you have seen the footage on television or even experienced it in person – the hordes of shoppers hurriedly preparing for incoming storms such as a blizzard or a dangerous hurricane by panicking at the grocery store. It’s an entirely predictable response – people cleaning out shelves full of pop tarts and canned […]