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Protecting Yourself at the Supermarket

I hate to say it, but amid all the good that is happening in the world, it can still be a dangerous place when you let your guard down in the wrong areas. The supermarket – as safe of a place as it is to buy food – is only as safe as customers inside […]

Lineup outside store. Photo by K Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Store Capacity Limits amid COVID-19

In many parts of the world, the ongoing spread of COVID-19 has led to lockdowns consisting of limits on social gatherings, closures of non-essential businesses, and store capacity limits on businesses that remain open. Stores in many areas that can stay open are only allowed to let in a certain percentage of people relative to […]

Image of Toblerone Bars

Christmas Shopping at the Supermarket

Every December, last-minute shoppers everywhere descend on malls everywhere (or, in the case of some years, e-commerce sites) hoping to snag that perfect last-minute gift, since even though they knew they had all year to do it, simply couldn’t bear to buy Christmas gifts any sooner. Among those people who are on the nice list, […]

Cooked Turkey at Christmas

Preparing for the Holidays – Buying Food at Christmas

Preparing for the Holidays is something we in the industry do without even thinking. Christmas is predictable. So is the end of Christmas – where every December 23rd and 24th where people come in rushing to find an ingredient no other store in town has left. These ingredients vary and are not limited to the […]

Photo of Smiley Faces. Photo by Just Name from Pexels

Being a Better Customer

Things are innocent enough – you go into the store, not a care in the world, and leave with your purchases, possibly along with a trail of destruction. All the while, the employees – who have taken note on who you are – have to clean up the mess you leave. Here are some tips […]

Photo of a Snowstorm. Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Preparing for Incoming Storms

Most of you have seen the footage on television or even experienced it in person – the hordes of shoppers hurriedly preparing for incoming storms such as a blizzard or a dangerous hurricane by panicking at the grocery store. It’s an entirely predictable response – people cleaning out shelves full of pop tarts and canned […]