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A woman shopping while wearing a mask. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Shopping Safely During COVID-19

When you go grocery shopping in this age, you’re not just getting exposed to consumer goods – you’re also getting exposed to a host of ways that COVID-19 can spread to you, and to your family. After seeing people shop for months and months during this pandemic, the Grocery Store Insider has more than a […]

Photo of Empty Store Shelves. Photo by Roy Broo from Pexels

Pandemic Panic Buy – The Grocery Items People Avoided

When people first realized that the COVID-19 Pandemic could become a real threat to their safety, they did what anyone who isn’t a disaster prepper would do. They got into their cars and headed to the grocery store to collectively clean the shelves bare – supermarket sweep style – and they sure wasted no time. […]