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Protecting Yourself at the Supermarket

I hate to say it, but amid all the good that is happening in the world, it can still be a dangerous place when you let your guard down in the wrong areas. The supermarket – as safe of a place as it is to buy food – is only as safe as customers inside […]

Photo of branches of a Christmas Tree. Photo by from Pexels

Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

To many people, a real Christmas tree is an important holiday staple. A combination of tradition and authentic scent which can be passed through generations. Some head to Tree farms to find this year’s tree, some to Tree lots around town, and some, simply, to the grocery store to get a pre-cut tree. Either way, […]

Photo of Leafy Green Vegetables. Photo by NastyaSensei from Pexels

Is This Left-Out Food Safe to Eat?

It happens to all of us – we buy an item, bring it home, and leave it sitting out of the refrigerator or freezer for several hours, or even overnight when it belongs there while we are unpacking our grocery items in our kitchens. A lot of the time, this will result in spoilage, but […]

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Ways You Waste Money at the Supermarket

People are shoppers. Very thoughtless shoppers. So thoughtless, in fact, that if it weren’t for those damn marketers, they would be saving oh-so-much money every single trip. It’s crazy to think this is possible, but every second of every day, someone falls for the following traps. Here’s just a few ways you waste money – […]

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The REAL Money-Saving Grocery Tips

I’ve come across all sorts of articles over the years from lazy bloggers on how to save money at the supermarket, and all their money-saving grocery tips give common-sense pointers for people who don’t like to use their brains. Among my favourites are “shop the flyer sales”, and “look on the tops and bottoms of […]

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Being a Better Customer

Things are innocent enough – you go into the store, not a care in the world, and leave with your purchases, possibly along with a trail of destruction. All the while, the employees – who have taken note on who you are – have to clean up the mess you leave. Here are some tips […]