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Sliced Watermelon

Finding that Perfect Watermelon

Summer is here, and that means people are enjoying their favourite summer foods once again. While most summer foods are available year-round, there’s a few that can only be enjoyed during their peak growing seasons. Among them, the large, juicy, and delicious Watermelon. Finding that perfect Watermelon is a surprising source of debate – everyone […]

Photo of Leafy Green Vegetables. Photo by NastyaSensei from Pexels

Is This Left-Out Food Safe to Eat?

It happens to all of us – we buy an item, bring it home, and leave it sitting out of the refrigerator or freezer for several hours, or even overnight when it belongs there while we are unpacking our grocery items in our kitchens. A lot of the time, this will result in spoilage, but […]

Cooked Turkey at Christmas

Preparing for the Holidays – Buying Food at Christmas

Preparing for the Holidays is something we in the industry do without even thinking. Christmas is predictable. So is the end of Christmas – where every December 23rd and 24th where people come in rushing to find an ingredient no other store in town has left. These ingredients vary and are not limited to the […]