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Finding that Perfect Watermelon

Sliced Watermelon

Summer is here, and that means people are enjoying their favourite summer foods once again. While most summer foods are available year-round, there’s a few that can only be enjoyed during their peak growing seasons. Among them, the large, juicy, and delicious Watermelon. Finding that perfect Watermelon is a surprising source of debate – everyone has an opinion on this topic.

Over the years, the insider has seen people tap Watermelons like an array of bongo drums insisting that they know that sound alone is the secret to finding that perfect Watermelon. They may not be able to figure out that you shouldn’t mindlessly touch everything in a supermarket during a pandemic, but damnit – they really think they know their Watermelons! But mindless multiple Watermelon tapping isn’t a sign of consumer intelligence. The following tips are actual ways that actual people can tell if their watermelons are ripe and ready!


Your ideal Watermelon will be more round than it is oval. Why? Just like every living species, there are male and female Watermelons, and the female ones.. just taste sweeter! Tapping alone cannot tell you this.


You want the darkest green Watermelon with the yellowest spot on its side. I say this because a Watermelon with a white spot would have been picked before it was ripe.


Even though Watermelons are always advertised as all being in a certain weight range in their bin, make sure your Watermelon isn’t lighter than it should be. Do not confuse this with trying to find the heaviest Watermelon in the entire display. You may end up with a Watermelon with a very thick skin that you spent 10 minutes trying to find.

If you absolutely MUST tap your melons, make that the last thing you do after finding a Watermelon of appropriate shape, colour, and weight, and do so on the underbelly as suggested by Agrilife Today.

Another way to ensure you get a good Watermelon, even if it is slightly pricier, is to buy a quarter-sized Watermelon that has already been cut up at the store. This way, even though you’ll spend more money per pound, you can be sure of exactly what you’re getting in terms of firmess of the fruit, thickness of the skin, and colour.


While most people consider it harmless – and it generally is – consider that you likely aren’t the first – or tenth – to tap. In all likelihood, each Watermelon has been needlessly and aggressively tapped dozens of times by plenty of shoppers. This could lead to bruising and damage, in addition to requiring a very thorough cleaning after purchase. People can get vocally upset over one person being rough with Watermelons, and I’ll refuse to stop them since I’ll never discourage intelligent people from speaking.

To summarize, find something dark green with a yellow spot. Something that is round and heavy. This is my secret to finding the perfect Watermelon.

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