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Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

Photo of branches of a Christmas Tree. Photo by from Pexels

To many people, a real Christmas tree is an important holiday staple. A combination of tradition and authentic scent which can be passed through generations. Some head to Tree farms to find this year’s tree, some to Tree lots around town, and some, simply, to the grocery store to get a pre-cut tree. Either way, as the insider, if you purchase a tree that is pre-cut, I can help you with taking care of your Christmas Tree by offering a few small bits of advice to maintain your investment.


When the tree is cut, it forms a protective seal to preserve itself. You need to cut roughly one inch off the bottom of the tree so it can absorb water again. This cut should be level and not at any sort of angle, as it could result in the tree becoming unsteady. When it comes to taking care of your Christmas Tree, everything starts with this. If you don’t do this, your tree will dry out, and you will be left with needles everywhere on Christmas morning.


The time from making the fresh cut, to placing it into its water-filled stand, should be as minimal as possible. Having the tree drink water immediately is the best thing you can do now to prolong its life.


Christmas Trees can drink a LOT of water – you may need to refill the stand a couple of times a day or more. But by doing this, your tree will reward you with healthy needles on Christmas morning.


I should not have to say this, but aside from the obvious risks involving calling the fire department, and the resulting embarrassing broadcast tv and newspaper reports being spread worldwide on social media, keep your tree AWAY from sources of heat, especially fireplaces and electric heaters. You may think your tree is fine at first if it’s somewhat close to a heat source, but that heat will help dry out your tree, increasing the risks of fire later on. A dry tree that catches fire can engulf a room in under a minute.

No two Christmas traditions are alike, but one thing that everyone who celebrates Christmas puts up a Tree to celebrate the occasion. By following these simple steps from the moment you bring your tree home, your tree will be a source of pride and joy for the season to come.

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