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Christmas Shopping at the Supermarket

Image of Toblerone Bars

Every December, last-minute shoppers everywhere descend on malls everywhere (or, in the case of some years, e-commerce sites) hoping to snag that perfect last-minute gift, since even though they knew they had all year to do it, simply couldn’t bear to buy Christmas gifts any sooner. Among those people who are on the nice list, there are going to be those who already have absolutely everything, or you’re so unsure of what to get them that you’re absolutely stumped. In comes the Grocery Store Insider with some helpful last-minute tips for Christmas shopping at the supermarket to help you build a fantastic gift basket!


These things hold up for ages outside of refrigeration, and taste delicious! Pepperoni Sticks, Summer Sausage Chubs, Salami Chubs and more are all available. Starting with these items, it’s easy to see that Christmas shopping at the supermarket isn’t that difficult!


Sure, not everyone loves chocolate, but it’s a pretty safe bet for a lot of people. And not just any chocolate – Toblerone bars, Lindor truffles, and many varieties of classic chocolate bars such as Kit-Kat, Reese Cups, and many more exist in king-size form. As part of a larger gift, these will make a lot of Christmas gift recipients smile! Also, Nutella. Can’t go wrong there.


The international foods aisle is full of fun surprises! Everything from Bavarian mustard to French jam to Japanese or South Asian cookies can be found here. Gifting these treats, along with remembering what store you found them in, could open new culinary possibilities for the recipient.


According to the National Coffee Association, 63% of U.S. adults drink coffee every single day. This makes it a perfect gift for someone on your list. Use this occasion to introduce a loved one to a new or gourmet flavour. Perhaps it’s a variety you’ve served and they’ve enjoyed at your home, or perhaps it’s one based on a flavour you know they enjoy. You’ll know who the coffee drinkers are in your family, and this makes perfect sense for many of them.


These are available at almost every store, in almost any denomination, for almost any retailer. They make great stocking stuffers, or surprises to place inside greeting cards, which most supermarkets also sell.

Oftentimes, you won’t even have to wait to shop for these. Many of these items are available year-round, and you’ll likely see them well before the holidays as well. If you’ve waited too long, or you’re in doubt as to what to buy that special someone, the supermarket may have the answer.


Although not available in all jurisdictions at grocery stores, alcoholic beverages are an easy gift for an adult loved one to enjoy responsibly. Whether it be beer, wine, or hard liquor, the giving is easy if you know what the person enjoys.

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